Brynn & Brandon
A little about us...
Brynn is a born and raised Calgarian, but ventured east to study marketing and communications at university in Montreal. Eventually she made her way back home to Calgary where she began her career in freelance marketing. When she's not working away for her clients, you can find Brynn getting lost in the mountains while skiing, biking, hiking, and trying to use a camera as well as Brandon. 
Born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland, Brandon began his career in video through volunteering at his local church. it wasn’t long until he found himself working in television at the  age of thirteen. Years later, television brought him to Calgary where he worked in broadcast news before switching gears to work in freelance videography full time. Outside of being a complete technology geek , Brandon spends a lot of his time mountain biking, skiing, and anything adventurous that absolutely terrifies his mother.

Producer & Third Wheel
Alex was born and raised in central BC and moved to Calgary for a Journalism Diploma. After exploring the world of traditional Broadcast News, he decided to transition into the content marketing industry. Alex's bread and butter is storytelling. By learning about each client, he shares their message to the viewer in an unforgettable way. As the third wheel of the company Alex makes sure to keep things balanced so the power couple doesn't send each other off the mountain.